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Connect with a housing counselor who can help you along your housing journey

Get Help from a Housing Counselor

Free personalized assistance can help you overcome financial uncertainty, disaster, or other housing-related issues.

Call 1-855-HERE2HELP (855-437-3243)

Call 1-855-HERE2HELP (855-437-3243)

Or, request an appointment by clicking here.

Services are confidential and provided by our nonprofit counseling partners in multiple languages.

What kind of assistance can you expect from a housing counselor?

We’ll connect you with housing counselors approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) who are helpful, patient, and neutral specialists that listen to your needs and offer:

  • A personalized action plan to overcome your housing-related challenges
  • Budgeting tips including help managing bills, credit cards, student loans, and other debt
  • Disaster-recovery help including FEMA and insurance claims/denials and other support
  • Help communicating with your landlord, mortgage company, or assistance providers
  • Ongoing check-ins and coaching to help you succeed for the long run
Do you need assistance in Spanish? (¿Necesitas ayuda en español?)

*Housing Counseling support is available nationwide by phone in multiple languages.



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