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Prepare Your Home for Severe Weather

You can reduce the need for costly repairs and keep your home safe — and recover from any damage faster — by taking a few precautions before harsh weather strikes.

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Get your home ready for Mother Nature

In recent years, extreme weather events have grown more chaotic and unpredictable. While you can’t predict the weather, regular home maintenance can help reduce the negative impact on your home and your family. Consider these preparations before Mother Nature causes problems.

Consider energy-efficient home improvements

Did you know that energy-efficient home improvements may also improve your home’s resiliency to weather events? Learn how you can use HomeStyle® Energy to finance upgrades that increase energy and water efficiency while reducing utility costs and improving resiliency to environmental disasters.

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Own Help Neighbors Prep

Help neighbors prep

Prepping for a disaster can be empowering. It’s also a great way to bring your community together. Creating a neighborhood network where everyone’s home is looked after can be an added layer of protection during a weather-related emergency. So, once you’ve finished taking steps to secure yourself and your home, share this newfound knowledge and expertise with friends, family, and neighbors. Start by sending this page to a friend.

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