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Understanding Your Loan Purchase Letter

You may have received a letter from us notifying you that we purchased your loan. The letter is informational, and you do not need to take any action.

Here’s what you need to know

Fannie Mae buys loans from lenders, replenishing the lenders’ funds so they can provide new mortgages for more homebuyers.

Your mortgage servicer — the company that you send your monthly payments to — and your loan terms remain the same when we purchase your loan. You should continue to send all mortgage payments to your servicer. Fannie Mae is not your servicer.

Fannie Mae’s loan purchase letter:

  • Is informational — no action is required.
  • Identifies Fannie Mae as the owner/investor for your loan.
  • Identifies your mortgage servicer, who provides customer service.
  • Emphasizes that Fannie Mae is not your servicer.

View sample letter

Sample Fannie Mae Loan Purchase Letter

Frequently asked questions

This letter is for informational purposes only. It is a legal requirement for us to notify the borrower of the purchase. You can keep the letter with your mortgage records for future reference.

No. It does not change the terms or conditions of your mortgage loan, deed of trust, or note. Your loan remains the same, and your monthly payments will not be affected.

Send all payments to your mortgage servicer. Fannie Mae is not your mortgage servicer. Do not send mortgage payments to Fannie Mae; we will return them to you. We are not responsible for any misdirected payments or late charges.

You can find payment information for your mortgage servicer on the payment coupon/statement that you received at your loan closing. You can also find it in the servicer welcome packet.

No. Fannie Mae is not your servicer. We do not service mortgage loans.

Your servicer is the company that collects your monthly loan payments. Your servicer is listed on the welcome packet that they send. It is also on the loan purchase letter you received from us.

Contact your servicer directly if you have questions about your mortgage loan.

No. Your servicer received a similar notice.

The servicer on your loan can change. The information sent to you by the servicer is the most up-to-date information. The information we send is the best information available to us at the time the letter is printed.

Your payment may be transferred to your new servicer or be returned to you. Your new servicer will send a welcome packet with payment information. Call them with any questions.

Please contact your mortgage servicer to correct your property address.

Please contact your mortgage servicer using the information that was in their welcome packet.

A servicer may use multiple phone numbers. A loan servicer may also hire an authorized sub-servicer. The sub-servicer performs the same function but may have a different name or phone number.

There is no need to contact Fannie Mae about these changes. Our system will update automatically.

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